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A Message from Yoko Miwa

Hello fans and friends and the entire jazz family!

I’m still playing live from home via Facebook Livestreams on Fri & Sat nights. I’ve been so gratified by how many of you have tuned in. Thank you. It means the world to me to still be able to share music with all of you. We may be physically distanced, but we can still share music together! I can’t read your comments while I’m playing but say hello in the comments so I’ll know you dropped by. For those who’ve been asking about how to leave donations, I have these accounts:

I’m passing on 20% of all proceeds to the Jazz Foundation of America COVID-19 MUSICIANS’ EMERGENCY FUND.

Downbeat recently did a feature on streaming shows and I was happy to be mentioned.

We were supposed to be in the studio this week recording my new CD for the Ubuntu label but the recording session has been postponed to June. I’m teaching my normal private schedule at Berklee but doing it online with Zoom; it’s going well. Personally I’m just trying to practice piano, listening to a lot of music, trying to exercise, cooking a lot, and catching up on Hulu shows I’ve been meaning to watch. It’s nice to have the company of my cat, Edamame, although I think she’s confused wondering when we are going to leave the house.

I hope all of you are well. Take care of yourselves, and take of each other.

With love and thanks,


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