Launching The Unity Stage

Dear friends,

I have spent 25 years supporting artists in their effort to entertain. Most never see the behind the scenes efforts needed to fill the stage with entertainment or to pack a room for a workshop. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the finest musicians, writers, comedians and more for over two decades and know what they go through in hard times. In the recession of 2007, I had to help many artists by lowering hosting fees, navigate options for creating digital offerings that cut their costs and remind everyone that when we don’t spend any money on entertainment while we tighten our belt, we all feel it eventually. I want to thank many of those artists who always helped me keep the boat afloat including Howard Levy, Jamey Haddad, The Cooperman Drum Company and a range of behind the scenes friends including the amazing Otis Maclay who never loses sight of why we do this.

The Unity Stage may only make a dent in the problem we face with coronavirus, but we’ll try anyway. We’re going to find all the available streaming performances and feed them into our Facebook page and other platforms as this continues. We ask that you donate directly to the artists when we post their Paypal and Venmo links. Any funds sent to us intended for a specific artist will be passed to them in total, no exceptions. There are some who have already said they want to support this project directly and we appreciate your considerations.

We’ve got a long way to go until this catastrophic pandemic subsides and life returns to something that resembles normal. Thank you for your patience with each other, with us and please stop and count blessings. While you do, join us on Facebook to enjoy the creative offerings from the entertainers who join us at The Unity Stage.